Rosh Hashana Recipe from Our Family to Yours

With the New Year less than a week away, we are gearing up for Rosh Hashana by sharing some of our favorite recipes and traditions. We know that our team here couldn’t do what we do without the help and support of our families, and traditions are important to us. Here is a recipe from funeral director, Justan Goldstein’s wife, Jeanie Goldstein for her famous “Cranberry Brisket”. We hope you enjoy it! L’shanah Tovah!

Cranberry Brisket; or you can call it Brisket Done Right!

3 to 4 pounds beef brisket
1 package onion soup mix
1 can whole cranberry saucecooking
1 can tomato sauce
2 cups water
Pepper to season
Garlic to taste

Trim excess fat from brisket. Place brisket in large pan (preferably a large roasting pan without a flat rack). Add in all ingredients, and seal tight with aluminum foil. Bake at 325 for 45 minutes per pound. Meat should be fork tender.

Why Do We Cut Kriah?

Kriah is the tradition of rending garments to represent the tear in your heart when losing a loved one. It is a way to show outwardly that you are in mourning. Originally, people tore their clothing to represent their loss, but today we sometimes  use a black ribbon that is worn on the outside of your clothing. Kriah ribbons are traditionally worn by immediate mourners – a spouse, child, sibling or parent of the person who has passed. Children who are mourning a parent wear the ribbon on their left side, symbolizing that they are the direct lineage of the person who passed. All others wear the ribbon on the right side. The ribbon is traditionally worn for the seven day shiva period but some Rabbis suggest wearing it for 30 days.  Below is a poem written by Harold M. Schulweis about the tradition of kriah.

Krieh – Tearing the Cloth

Why rend the clothes?
So strange to a tradition
that admonishes
not to break or to destroy

It is for the sake of anger
against the unfairness of the world
anger against him or her, God or self?
Is tearing the cloth to give outer expression
to the tattered soul within?

Or is it a parallelism
the death of a person like the burning of a Sefer Torah
for which tearing the clothes is performed?

The burial of a human like the burial of a Torah
A human being is like a Sefer Torah
Studied, it has wisdom to impart
Lived, it has goodness to convey.
Rend the garments for the “Torah-mensch”

Each of us a letter in the Torah scroll
Together our lives are intertwined

Our common fate and faith
our common destiny
find us like the stitches of the parchment
when any of us is lost
The holy text is torn.
In memory we are mended.

Jewish Mourning Rituals

Over the last several weeks, we have posted this series of videos regarding Jewish mourning rituals to our Facebook page. If you haven’t done so already, take a look! They are very informative and original. If you have questions regarding Jewish funerals or mourning practices, please contact us, we are always here to help!


Baltimore Sun Top Workplaces – 2015

The list is out, and once again we are proud to announce that Sol Levinson & Bros., Inc. has been recognized among the 100 companies/organizations selected as a Top Workplace by The Baltimore Sun.

Banner 2015

Coming in at #8 on the list of Small-sized Workplaces, we are aware that our recognition is due to our employees filling out surveys and again ranking us as one of the best places to work in Baltimore. Levinson’s is honored to be included on this list for a second year, and especially grateful that our employees know they are an important and respected part of our family business.

Click the image above to see the full listing of workplaces that were recognized.

Why Should I Plan Ahead?

Maybe you have a relative who is ill or going to need some long-term care and you have to spend down their assets, or your parents are older and you don’t want to have to worry about the impact of funeral costs while you are grieving, or you don’t want your family to have to worry about making decisions and handling the financial burden of your own funeral service.

There are several important reasons to take an hour of your time to make funeral arrangements in advance:

  • Ensure your peace of mind that your wishes will be followed.

  • Relieve the burden on your family, so they don’t have to worry about making significant emotional and financial decisions while they are grieving.

  • Control financial costs – when you pre-fund a funeral service, we guarantee our charges at today’s costs. (We always recommend speaking with a financial consultant or other professional regarding your personal financial situation.)

  • Reduce assets prior to applying for Medicaid.

Check out the Plan Ahead section of our website for an informative video, FAQs, and an online form to begin planning. Contact us to speak with a funeral director about any additional questions or to set up an appointment.