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For five generations, the Levinson family has been an integral part of the Jewish community in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. We are honored to share our history of personal service, care, and tradition, which began in 1892. Please explore our interactive historical Timeline. Our Timeline chronicles meaningful milestones, articles and important dates throughout our history.


Max Levinson

In the late 1880's, a young, determined Russian immigrant named Max Levinson arrived in East Baltimore. Max Levinson first got started in funeral transportation, which later grew into funeral home ownership.

Max Levinson with his wife Belle. In his arms is his daughter, Sarah, and standing is his daughter, Esther.


First Levinson Funeral Home

In 1892, Max opened the first funeral home to serve the specific needs of the Jewish community. The first funeral home, located on High Street, combined funeral service with a livery stable, which was essential at the time, because he was relied upon to safely proceed to the Jewish cemeteries by horse and buggy.


Baltimore Fire

Max Levinson's funeral home was destroyed during the Baltimore fire of 1904.


East Baltimore Street

The funeral home moved to 1127 E. Baltimore Street.



Emanuel and Sol Levinson were stationed at Baltimore's Ft. McHenry at the government's Grave Registration department during World War I. After World War I, Sol and Emanuel Levinson joined in the family business and abiding by Max Levinson's wishes, the funeral home was renamed Sol Levinson and Brothers. David Levinson also joined his brother and father in the family business.

Top-Left: Emanual Levinson; Top-Right: Sol Levinson; Bottom-Left: Max Levinson; Bottom-Right: David Levinson 1918

North Avenue

In 1937, Sol Levinson & Bros. moved to a larger facility on North Avenue. During this time, it was most common for funeral services to take place in our chapel, however sometimes both funeral arrangements and services were held in the family's home.


Third Generation

During the 1940's and 1950's, Sydney, Jack, Burton and Stanley entered the business.

Left to Right: Sydney Levinson, Jack Levinson, Burton Levinson, Stanley Levinson 1940's - 1950's

6010 Reisterstown Road

Sol Levinson & Bros. opened a new building at 6010 Reisterstown Road in 1960, becoming the premier funeral home serving the Jewish community in the Baltimore-Washington area.


Fourth Generation

During the 1970's and 1980's, Ira, Irv and Ellensue Levinson entered the business, carrying on the Levinson family dedication to funeral service in the Jewish community.

Left to Right: Ira Levinson, Irv Levinson, Ellensue Levinson 1970's - 1980's

100th Year

In 1992, Sol Levinson & Bros. marks 100 years of funeral services.


Levinson Day

"Levinson Family Day" was recognized by Maryland Governor William Donald Schaefer on November 4, 1993.


Jewish Times Article

The Levinson family history in the funeral services business was chronicled by the Baltimore Jewish Times.


8900 Reisterstown Road

Our current building, which opened in 1996, is located centrally within Baltimore's Jewish community in Pikesville at 8900 Reisterstown Road. Our funeral home is specifically designed to provide comfort and privacy where funeral arrangements are conducted with dignity.

Our building has two chapels to accomodate every funeral service comfortably and appropriately to best serve grieving families. 1996

First Annual Irvin B. Levinson Memorial Lecture Series

In honor of Irv Levinson, Sol Levinson & Bros. held the first annual Irvin B. Levinson Memorial Lecture Series on Death, Dying and Bereavement, which continues today.

Irv Levinson 1998

Fifth Generation

Continuing over 120 years of service to Baltimore's Jewish community, Matt Levinson enters the business.


Columbia Arrangement Center

Sol Levinson & Bros. opens a second location to serve families in Columbia, Howard County and the surrounding areas. The Columbia Arrangement Center is a warm, intimate space where families can meet with a Funeral Director to pre-plan or make funeral arrangements.