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Personalized Funerals 

At Levinson's the Jewish funeral is meant to be a personalized expression of respect and honor to the deceased. It allows an opportunity to provide support for the family to begin the bereavement process by bringing together family, friends, and the larger community. Our two beautifully appointed chapels, and our centrally-located modern facility are available to commemorate the life of your loved one.

Highlighted by beautiful Jerusalem stone walls and intricate stained glass windows, our two chapels are an ideal location to conduct funeral services. Whether you need seating for over 500, or just 20 to 30 people, the Levinson Family and staff will help you determine which chapel will provide the best setting for your funeral services. Both chapels have a modern sound system, audio assistance for those in need, and comfortable family rooms to greet your family and friends prior to the funeral. In addition, video of the services conducted in our chapels can be viewed live by those who are unable to attend. Those who wish to participate but who cannot enter our main building because of their status as a Kohain can sit in our separate building for that purpose and watch the funeral services via television.

Main Chapel 

A spacious chapel with a naturally-lit Jerusalem stone wall, this space is appropriate for services where families expect 150-400 people, and can be expanded to accommodate approximately 600 people when side parlors are opened.

Side Chapel 

A light-filled space with a beautiful tree of life stained glass panel and Jerusalem stone wall, this space is perfect for services ranging from 20-150 people, due to a section at the back that we are able to open if needed.

Levinson's Parlor 

An intimate space for gatherings of 5-40 people, this room is ideal for close-knit, smaller families or private services.

Alternative Arrangements 

Not all funeral services or family needs are the same. We feel that it is important to support all the families of our community with the same sensibility and compassion. If your family wishes for us to provide an alternative type of service, our staff is available to assist you in whatever arrangements you prefer. Also, there are some Jewish cemeteries that can accommodate burial of non-Jewish family members. Please call our office or email us to discuss your specific requests.

Out of Town Burials 

Many families have cemetery lots in the New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey areas, and our professional staff is available to conduct services at your cemetery without the need for a second funeral home. We conduct graveside services in the mid-atlantic region on a regular basis, and have good working relationships with all of the cemeteries.

When a Death Occurs Out of Town 

When a death occurs outside of Maryland, call Sol Levinson & Bros. directly. The professional staff at Sol Levinson & Bros. will make arrangements to transfer your loved one to Baltimore and provide funeral services. By simply calling one funeral home, you can make the arrangements easier, and also less expensive.

Burial in Israel 

Often, families wish to be buried in Israel. Sol Levinson & Bros. can make arrangements to have a brief funeral service in Baltimore, if you wish, and then arrange for transportation to Israel for immediate burial. If families need to arrange for cemetery plots at one of the various cemeteries in Israel, we can put you in touch with the appropriate representatives.

Green Burial 

What is green burial, and how does it align with Jewish practices? The traditional Jewish funeral naturally aligns very closely with green burial practices, as the goal of Jewish burial is to return to the earth.

In Jewish tradition, we do not practice embalming and, instead, use refrigeration. Often, individuals are dressed in the traditional burial garment known as a shroud, which is a garment made of cotton or pure linen. There are no zippers or metal closures on this garment. Some people do choose to be buried in their own clothing, if the cemetery allows, and to follow green burial practices any clothing should not contain any plastic or metal.

Also in keeping with green burial requirements and Jewish custom, the caskets we use are entirely made of wood. There is no metal in the caskets, and they are designed to return entirely to the earth, completing the cycle of life. At Levinson’s, we use North American casket companies, and some of the caskets are made as close as Pennsylvania. There is a wide range of choices of wood, including wood from faster-growing trees like pine and poplar, and several of the caskets we offer are unfinished (unvarnished) in keeping with green burial practices.

When purchasing cemetery plots, green burial practices should be taken into careful consideration. Many cemeteries in Maryland require the use of an outer burial container (also known as a vault) and require the placement of a stone monument or flat marker. The reason cemeteries have a vault requirement is to support the earth above the grave so it does not settle significantly, which causes the grave to sink and puts the monument at risk of tipping. At some cemeteries, the minimum requirement may be a concrete liner, which is porous and has holes in it. Our funeral directors can help discuss your preferences and guide you to a cemetery that meets your wishes.

If you have questions about how we might be able to help ensure you have an environmentally-friendly green burial, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.