Yizkor Reminder

Any information about ritual practice is intended as a general overview for the broader Jewish community and there are many differences of opinion within this community. Concerns about specific ritual practices should be directed to your rabbi. Opinions expressed in blog posts and in external links may not represent the opinions of the staff or ownership of Sol Levinson & Bros., Inc.

The Yizkor memorial prayer is recited four times a year at synagogue services, including on the last day of Passover. Practices for length of holiday observance vary between denominations, so please check with your rabbi or synagogue to confirm this information. For those who observe eight days of Passover, the Yizkor service is held on Tuesday, April 2nd. For those who observe seven days of Passover, the service will be on Monday, April 1. A yahrzeit candle is traditionally lit the evening before.

Please see our website for a full calendar of Yizkor dates (based on 8-day observance).

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  1. Mordechai says:

    Many have the tradition of planting a tree in Israel to perpetuate the memory of the departed.

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