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Why Plan Ahead

“We are very grateful that my mother and father-in-law had the foresight to plan ahead for their funerals.”

“I didn’t want my mother to pre-pay her burial expenses ten years ago but now I’m glad she did.”

“[Planning ahead] enabled us to focus on our family and our grieving and not the details.”

“My mother pre-planned and paid for her funeral years ago. All my sister had to do was place a call to you and all was taken care of.”

Planning ahead for yourself or a loved one is beneficial because it allows you to:

  • Ensure your peace of mind that your wishes will be followed
  • Relieve the burden on your family, to ease their financial and decision-making obligations
  • Control financial costs - by pre-funding today, you can prevent the financial burden on those closest to you and be assured that the money will be there to help cover tomorrow’s funeral costs
  • Reduce assets prior to applying for Medicaid (“Spend-down”)
You are not alone – hundreds of families meet with us each year to review these important questions. Planning ahead may be daunting, but it is a weight off the shoulders of surviving relatives. When someone dies, all your family needs to do is call Sol Levinson & Bros.

Families frequently share with us that pre-funding the funeral makes a difficult time so much easier, allowing them to spend that fragile time after someone’s death focusing on each other, sharing memories and grieving. By pre-funding a funeral, your family will not have to come into the funeral home to be asked a lot of difficult questions at the time of someone’s death, and they will not have to incur most of the costs related to the funeral.

Many families pre-fund their funerals, and those funds are held in an insurance policy that grows in value until that person passes away. If there are any additional funds in the policy at the time of the funeral, they will be returned to the family; however, if the funds in the policy are less than the cost of the funeral, your family will be responsible for the difference.

Some families wish to ensure the funds they pre-pay with us are guaranteed to cover the funeral home’s charges in the future, by paying a premium. The premium on the funeral home charges is 5% for those 85 and older, and 10% for those 84 and younger. We do not guarantee third party cash advance items.

To begin planning, use our online formemail us with questions, or call us at 410-653-8900.